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is it me?

ding ding ding

wwe havve a wwinner


a bit late but hi nonetheless 
names eridan

one a you looks familiar


   job? you’re a hiighblood, why would you
   need a job when you’re practiically liiviing
   iin money. what briight uniiform?

yes a job
i may be a highblood but im a highblood on earth an livvin in a flat in london can cost quite the pretty penny
the uniform my job requires me to wear i wwork at a smoothie joint currently


hello ivve started to hate smoothies an my name is eridan


   good two know thiing2 aren’t taken
   two offen2e.

   ii’m okay, ii gue22. what about you?

yeah no dont wworry youre fine

thats good to hear i guess?
about the same
job huntin so i dont havve to wwear a ridiculously bright uniform anymore


+ kanaries
+ -grim-auxiliatrix
+ vvirtues
+ alcoholsies

   kiind of late for 2ome of you guy2,
   but better late than never, riight?
   2ollux captor, hii.

its fine
sometimes i end up wwaitin wweeks before i greet people
eridan ampora
pleasure meetin you

howws it goin?


"—Living room. Got it."

It took a moment of hesitant to remember where that was, and even then she almost walked right past it. Cue a little back peddling to walk into the somewhat familiar room. A grin worked it’s way to her face as she walked in, a little hesitant but hell she was going to walk over towards the other.

"I demand a hug grumpygills," there was no iffs ands or buts about this because she was only going to wait long enough for him to open his arms. It was a short one though before she was pulling away, "It’s good to see you again Eridan."

He listened for her footsteps as she came closer, and was about to call out to her when she nearly passed it, but smiled and kept his mouth shut. Just to see if she’d correct herself. Well not see but. Yeah. 

Almost right after she made her little demand, he opened up his arms for her and wrapped them around her gently, hugging her back when she came over. And when she pulled back, he nodded with an almost shy grin.  ”Good to see you too… Can I uh get you anythin?”

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 emperor 2ollux at your 2erviice.

are you really? interestin 

howwd you come to be emperor?

Just a cat


//this is shameless self advertising k//


She was already out anyway so it didn’t take much to ask Kanaya if she could just beam to Eridan’s from her place. The coords were somewhere on her palmhusk anyway so it didn’t matter. She waas presentable enough—right? Well he was blind but come on she was a touch nervous because well the last time she’d been there.

The last time didn’t matter—it so did—but now they were going to just hang out. Aradia owed some hugs. And snuggles. Among other things to this troll since it’d been forever since they’d talked anyway. She’d text him a heads up before she’d appear, taking in a slow breath to let it out.

"Eridan? I’m here!"

Beforehand, Eridan had done his best to be presentable. So that meant actually changing out of his work uniform and into normal clothes. But at least that meant his hair was already nice and done up. Though a bit of anxiousness crept in as he waited on the couch and adjusted his grip on his cane every three minutes. It’s been a while since they talked, and even more so since they last spoke face to face.

Oh but then the transportalizer went off and and her voice rang out. No time to worry about that now. And her voice still brought a small smile to his face as he rose from his spot and began walking over. 

"Ara! I’m in the livin’ room."

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